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Many of our researches use digital approaches within their research. The series “Digitales | Digital Approaches” is dedicated to the digital aspects of the Knowledge Unbound project.

Statistics For Historians

We are pleased to offer scholars and students of history access to two free online modules providing instruction in digital humanities methods and techniques. This second course introduces historians to statistical methods and quantitative analysis tools that can be used alone or in conjunction with text mining, detailed in the first course.

Digitale Ausstellung: Nahöstliche Studierende im Ostblock

Die Fotoausstellung “Nahöstliche Studierende im Ostblock” präsentiert auf 18 Tafeln zahlreiche außergewöhnliche Fotos und Texte. Neben allgemeinen Informationen zu nahöstlichen Studierenden im Ostblock und insbesondere in der DDR gibt die Ausstellung Einblicke…

Online Survey: Hair:y_less Masculinities (20 mins.)

The research of the sociological subproject of TM 2c was affected by the pandemic. Hence, the methodological shift towards an online survey. The researchers of TM 2c invite you to participate in the survey, which you can access from the link below.

Filmforum: Dokumentationen und Dialoge über eine Gesellschaft im Wandel

Die Globalisierung und der technische Fortschritt haben Gesellschaften auf der ganzen Welt verändert. Dies ermöglicht den Menschen neue Formen der Selbstverwirklichung, bedroht aber auch Gemeinschaften und kulturelle Traditionen. Filme und Dokumentationen aus und über...

Between Tradition and Innovation: The Young Generation of Iranian Composers in the Digital Era

Podcast Producer: Dr. des. Kamyar NematollahyMixing and sound mastering by: Payam Souri, Studio Honar (Teheran) Iranian classical music is heir to an ancient tradition that was historically connected to the court and other institutions...

Historical Research and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Digital Access to Sources in Libraries and Archives in China

By Christina Till After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic around the Chinese spring festival holidays in late January, historians were forced to work from home, unable to access libraries and archives in China....

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