Category: Fundstücke | Discoveries from the Archives

In our series “Fundstücke | Discoveries from the Archives”, researchers associated with the Knowledge Unbound project present sources that are relevant, interesting or important for their current research project. Have a look to find out more about the various individual projects and get insights into the individual research practice applied within the Knowledge Unbound project.

Late Soviet Assessments on International Organizations and Climate Change – Two Documents From Russian Archives

By Benjamin Beuerle | While there is a growing number of insightful studies on Soviet and Russian debates and attitudes on climate change, we still know relatively little about how the nascent climate change diplomacy was assessed internally by Soviet actors.

Three Iraqi artists’ mural projects created within the ideological concept of socialist realism

By Olga Nefedova My research work in various archives in Moscow led to the discovery of three important artworks, previously unknown to the general public, produced by the first Iraqi undergraduate and postgraduate students...

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