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Filme und Forschung am OII: Das Filmforum „Iran at the Crossways“, 12-13 November 2021

Wissenschaft und Film, wie passt das zusammen? Wenn wir an Filme denken, dann meistens an einem gemütlichen Abend mit Netflix, oder vielleicht an einem Blockbuster im Kino. Entspannung und Unterhaltung stehen im Vordergrund. Der...

Online Survey: Hair:y_less Masculinities (20 mins.)

The research of the sociological subproject of TM 2c was affected by the pandemic. Hence, the methodological shift towards an online survey. The researchers of TM 2c invite you to participate in the survey, which you can access from the link below.

Knowledge Exchange from Denmark to Turkey

The workshop was organized by the Orient-Institut Istanbul as part of the project titled “A Cartography of Hair:y_less Masculinities. A Comparison between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkey” and University of Southern Denmark as part of the project “Medicine Man: Media Assemblages of Medicalized Masculinity”.

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