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Episode 5: Die Rückkehr der arabischen Studierenden aus dem “Ostblock”: Nachwirkungen des transnationalen Wissensaustauschs

Unsere akustische Forschungsreise führte uns in der letzten Episode des „Wissen entgrenzen“-Podcast in den Nahen Osten. Hier verbleiben wir noch eine weitere Episode, um mehr über das Projekt „Relations in the Ideoscape: Middle Eastern Students in the Eastern Bloc (1950’s to 1991)“ am Orient Institut Beirut zu erfahren.

Episode 4: Transnationaler Wissensaustausch: Arabische Studierende in der Sowjetunion und der DDR

Die vierte Episode unseres „Wissen entgrenzen“-Podcast führt uns zum einen in den Nahen Osten der Gegenwart und zum anderen in die Vergangenheit des sogenannten „Ostblocks“. Am Orient Institut Beirut forschen Wissenschaftlerinnen im Rahmen des Projektes „Relations in the Ideoscape“ zu arabischen Studierenden in der ehemaligen Sowjetunion und der DDR.

Late Soviet Assessments on International Organizations and Climate Change – Two Documents From Russian Archives

By Benjamin Beuerle | While there is a growing number of insightful studies on Soviet and Russian debates and attitudes on climate change, we still know relatively little about how the nascent climate change diplomacy was assessed internally by Soviet actors.

“It Is Possible to Encounter Surprise Relations in Every Interview, Memoir, and Archive Document” – Interview With Elmin Aliyev

Today, we talk to Elmin Aliyev who holds degrees in Islamic Philosophy from Marmara University (MA) and Baku State University (BA). Within the framework of this project, Aliyev analyses the knowledge relations between Iran and Turkey with special focus on the former USSR and GDR.

“Issues of Global Mobilities of People, Knowledge, Ideas and Investments Have Always Fascinated Me” – Interview with Ala Al-Hamarneh

Today, we talk to Ala Al-Hamarneh. During his 20 years of affiliation with the University of Mainz as assistant professor, he taught courses in human geography with regional focus on the Arab World, Germany, Emilia Romagna/Italy and the USA-Northeastern metropoles.

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